Our Mission

The mission of the LYFE NYC Program is to foster a generational impact which positively influences the life outcomes of student parents and their children by providing high quality childcare, academic guidance, and social advocacy.

Our Vision

The LYFE NYC program will serve as a national model for providing dynamic and innovative support services to young families in academic settings. Every student parent in the LYFE program will graduate from high school fully prepared to pursue college/career opportunities and empowered to sustain a healthy family. Every child in the LYFE program will receive a high-quality early childhood education and achieve optimal growth and development effectively preparing them to succeed in the next phase of their educational journey. As a result, the life and learning outcomes of every LYFE family will be positively impacted.

What Our Students Are Saying About LYFE

“LYFE has helped me teach my son good behavior.”
“LYFE has inspired me to work harder for myself and my daughter.”
“LYFE has helped me get help working things out with my baby’s  father.”
“LYFE gives me a chance to speak about how I feel about childcare.”
“I like that LYFE makes me feel safe and supported.”
“I like that LYFE has helped me get connected to other agencies that can help me.”
“LYFE has helped me learn about my child’s development.”

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