September 2017

Learn About LYFELYFE is currently hosting Open Houses throughout the five boroughs at all LYFE sites. Each Thursday, LYFE sites open their doors to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to explore the high-quality early childhood education and advocacy services provided. With all LYFE staff contributing to outreach and engagement, the staff has hit the ground running, working diligently to engage communities and creating crucial partnerships with agencies that can strengthen LYFE services!

Check out some staff highlights below-

LYFE social workers Zamyra Abdel-Hady, Iris Rodriguez, Shakelia Foga, Darie Martin, Melissa Mora, Sherell Parker-Marks and Elezza Arce were present at Family Welcome Centers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn during the peak enrollment season, September 3rd-15th, 2017. For many potential student parents who want to re-engage in school, the Family Welcome Center is their first stop.The partnership with LYFE and the Family Welcome Centers is pivotal in connecting potential student parents to LYFE services. Each day social workers assisted Family Welcome Center staff and supported families with inquiries about services. While the peak enrollment season for Family Welcome Centers is also peak enrollment times for LYFE Social Workers, they were able to balance between LYFE sites and Family Welcome Centers. Their commitment to building upon the connection between LYFE and the Family Welcome Centers to engage potential student parents, while still providing advocacy support at their LYFE site is commendable. The Social Workers exemplify how LYFE creates A Supportive Environment!

Congratulation to the LYFE team at Franklin K. Lane! Franklin K. Lane has had a utilization rate of 81% and an attendance rate of 86%! Franklin K. Lane’s outreach efforts to student parents, families and agencies to support enrollment and attendance at the site has been successful. The team at Franklin K. Lane has passionately demonstrated Relentlessness!

LYFE educational paraprofessional Desiree Viera has gone above and beyond to build partnerships between LYFE and the Urban Family Center and Why Not Care. A dedicated volunteer in her personal time, Desiree seized the opportunity to discuss the LYFE program and connect LYFE Administration with key contacts at each agency. Desiree’s outreach enhances the reach of LYFE services and provides a partnership between services that can support LYFE families fostering Strengths-Based Programming!

While most LYFE sites are busy enrolling new children for the 2017-2018 school year, LYFE at Bronx Regional High School 1st floor obtained 100% enrollment, thanks to the outstanding engagement efforts of LYFE social workers Jodi Kaltner, and LYFE family worker Carmen Batista. Led by teacher Yvellise Sanchez and educational paraprofessionals Christine Abraham, Shirley Rivera, and Mary Elhakem all LYFE children have been exposed to rich language and engaging activities that have extended their learning. The team at Bronx Regional High School 1st floor provide a great example of Planning for Success!

…and all of the hard work produced in LYFE is for the successful outcomes of LYFE families. Take a look at these happy faces during LYFE Family Day!

2017 Family Day

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