LYFE Student Parent Crowned Homecoming Queen!

It is with much enthusiasm that we share with you a student highlight from LYFE at Beach Channel High School.

On October 18, 2013, LYFE student parent Krystal Cumberbatch was crowned Homecoming Queen of Beach Channel High School where her 1-year-old daughter, Krystal attends LYFE’s early childhood classroom.  Krystal is 18-years-old.  This is the family’s second year with LYFE.  LYFE teacher, Peggy Diercks regards Krystal as a gentle, hardworking, kind, excellent student and mother. Krystal is very popular amongst her peers and feels she won the title of Homecoming Queen because she has lot of friends from diverse backgrounds.  In addition, Krystal makes good decisions for herself and her child and provides excellent support to other student parents within the LYFE program.

When asked about future plans, Krystal is excited about graduating high school in January 2014 and going on to nursing school at York College in September 2014.

LYFE is proud of Krystal’s role as a parent and her role as Homecoming Queen of Beach Channel High School. She sets a positive example for other student parents to pursue their goals, become leaders, and set high standards for themselves.