LYFE Student Father Receives NYC Dads Matter Award

On Thursday, June 12, 2014, LYFE student parent, Mynor Escobar, was honored as a  recipient of the 2014 NYC Dads Matter Award sponsored by The Mayor’s Fatherhood Initiative. The annual award ceremony recognizes ten New York City fathers who exemplify bravery, courage, and triumph in their lives while being extraordinary role models to their children and community. At the ceremony, Mynor was presented with the award by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who also shared an account of Mynor’s victorious story as a young man, son, father, and student.

Mynor was nominated for the award by LYFE teacher, Vivan Fleishaker who provided an inspiring account of his journey from being a 16- year- old new father and high-school junior determined to achieve success for his family. Despite various obstacles he faced over the past 3 years since enrolling in LYFE, Mynor remained a committed father and advocate for his sons, making sure they received necessary health service to improve their growth and development while also focusing on his education and maintaining gainful employment.

Given his determination and drive, Mynor worked his way up from a position as a dishwasher to a chef at a respectable restaurant. Mynor also obtained a CPR certification allowing him to contribute greatly to his community. Today Mynor is a high school graduate with two healthy sons and he is continuing his education at Touro College.

Receiving the 2014 NYC Dads Matter Award was truly well-deserved and well-earned recognition for Mynor. LYFE congratulates Mynor Escobar for his outstanding achievements and for being an inspiration for other young fathers.

Mynor with FamilyGroup with Mynor