LYFE Celebrates National Social Worker Appreciation Month

In light of National Social Worker Appreciation Month in March, LYFE’s student parents, teachers, educational paraprofessionals, and family workers teamed up and took time to make collages, host parties, and more, all in appreciation of the LYFE social workers at their site!  LYFE is very thankful for the support and advocacy LYFE social workers provide to families on a daily basis so LYFE wanted to truly celebrate the occasion to honor LYFE social workers’ contributions.  Check out a few of the thoughtful ways LYFE families and staff showed thanks to LYFE social workers throughout the month of March:

During Parent Teacher Conferences on March 27th, student parents at Harlem Renaissance came together and crafted messages on cut out hearts to express their appreciation and positive regards for their social worker, Mrs. Carla Finney-Pratt. The hearts were placed on a big collage and pictures of the student parents and their children were added. Mrs. Finney-Pratt, pictured below, has worked for the LYFE program as a committed change agent for young families for over 18 years. Her thoughtfulness and kind spirit has helped many families achieve personal and academic success. This gift of appreciation from her students and LYFE team at Harlem Renaissance is truly fitting for her efforts to support and nurture families’ success.



On March 19th, all team members and student parents at LYFE, at Morris Educational Campus, participated in a celebration to honor LYFE Social Worker, Jodi Kaltner, pictured below.  The site created a thank you board in which all student parents and staff members wrote a note of thanks to Ms. Kaltner.  Pictures of the student parents and their children were placed next to the notes. The group hosted a wonderful celebration with a bouquet of balloons, food, and dessert and presented Ms. Kaltner with a gift and flowers. Ms. Kaltner’s dedication and passion for supporting student parents in LYFE is truly remarkable. Ms. Kaltner is the social worker for both LYFE at Morris Educational Campus, as well as South Bronx Educational Campus. This show of appreciation from her thoughtful students and colleagues is well-deserved.

Morris SWA Month 2 2014

Check out additional pictures from Social Worker Appreciation Month in the slideshow below that honored LYFE social workers, Ana Martinez (Jane Addams High School for Academic and Careers); Cory Hattem (Hillcrest High School & Beach Channel Educational Campus); Darie Martin (Springfield Gardens Far Rockaway Educational Campus); Debra Collins Coote (Bushwick Educational Campus & Grand Street Educational Campus); Eve Weiskopf (Prospect Heights Educational Campus & High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology).

Thank you to all of our LYFE Social Workers and all social workers who are committed to advocacy, guidance, education and support.  The work of LYFE would not be possible without you. LYFE appreciates you!