June 2017


Chancellor’s Conference Day

On Thursday, June 8th Chancellor’s Conference Day, over 200 LYFE staff members came together for Professional Development.The motivational day began with Dr. Timothy Lisante, District 79 Superintendent delivering words of inspiration to all staff. LYFE Principal Dr. Kara Ahmed presented the 1st LYFE Partnership Award to Dr. Kelly Celony, Director of Training and Special Initiatives from the Department of Health and Mental Health, Office of School Health Adolescent Unit. Dr. Celony has provided training sessions for Teacher’s, Social Workers and LYFE families. In addition, thanks to Dr. Celony’s advocacy for LYFE, incentives, & other rewarding opportunities have been afforded to LYFE families. Following the award presentation, LYFE staff and partners viewed the documentary on trauma-informed education, titled “Paper Tigers”. After the emotional and influential documentary, LYFE sites staff members came together for team building activities. So many LYFE staff members described the day as motivating, exhilarating, inspiring, hopeful, and determined. It was a galvanizing day to a very successful year in LYFE!


District 79 Superintendent Recognition Ceremony

The District 79 Superintendent Recognition Ceremony was held Friday evening at DC 37’s auditorium. Students from the various D79 programs were awarded for their accomplishments in academic achievement to job-readiness skills. 7 LYFE student parent graduates were honored for their academic and career successes.

The Spirit Award was presented to Marianela Familia from LYFE @ Aspirations.


The Workforce Achievement Award was presented to Fatoumata Keita from LYFE @ William Howard Taft.


The Workforce Achievement Award was presented to Natalie Rodriguez from LYFE @ Bronx Regional.


The Leadership Award was presented to Katty DeJesus Mateo from LYFE @ South Bronx.


The Advancement Award was presented to Allison Barrionuevo from LYFE @ LIC.

The Excellence Award was presented to Paola Pareja from LYFE @ Julia Richman.


The ceremony also acknowledges District 79 staff with the Rookie of the Year awards. LYFE Social Worker Jennifer Schwam received the honor for the 2016-2017 school year. Jennifer is a dynamic social worker whose dedication and commitment to LYFE families is highly

LYFE Social Workers, Program Coordinator, Assistant Principals, and Principal were in attendance to support the ceremony and LYFE award winners. The evening was filled with proud student parents, their families, and staff!

Grandparent/Guardian Recognition Celebration

LYFE hosted the first LYFE Grandparent/Guardian Recognition Celebration on Thursday, June 22, 2017!

The evening dinner honored Grandparent/Guardians who have consistently attended the LYFE Grandparent/Guardian groups since it’s launch in December 2015. There were over 20 family members in attendance, along with LYFE Principal Dr. Kara Ahmed, Assistant Principal James Williams, Program Coordinator Nyesha Greene, LYFE Social Workers who have been facilitating these sessions for families, Diane Whitaker, Sherell Parker-Marks, Susan Farrell-Laplante, Xaxia Sanchez, and LYFE teacher Yvelisse Severino, who supported group translations at and engagement at the DeWitt Clinton group.

With tears and smiles, each grandparent and guardian were presented with a LYFE Grandparent/Guardian recognition award presented by social workers. The evening brought together a diverse population of families in which LYFE serves, provided an opportunity for LYFE to say thank you to the many families that partner with staff to support student parents and their children, and validated the LYFE mission of making an intergenerational impact! Check out more pictures on LYFE’s twitter page >