January 2018


The LYFE Program had the honor of attending Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Celebration Concert. The concert included lullabies written by parents, from different organizations across the nation, and sung by Carnegie Hall’s musicians. The hour concert provided a unique and inspiring treat to hear the universal language of music combined with the vulnerable experiences of parenting.

LYFE student parent Suad of Bronx Regional High School was one of the lucky student parents to have her lullaby chosen for a performance during today’s concert. Suad wrote a whimsical lullaby titled “Nowara” for her daughter Noor. Both Suad and Noor took to Carnegie Hall’s stage during their lullaby’s performance.

It was an inspirational evening of music, dance and a reminder that parenting is a very emotional lullaby that plays in every parent’s heart!Visit the #LullabyProject Facebook page for more information! Visit LYFE’s twitter page to learn more about the Lullaby Project in LYFE.