Health and Wellness Fair

To encourage healthy habits, Carla Finney Pratt, LYFE social worker at High School of Environmental Studies, with the support of LYFE student parents, developed a Health and Wellness Fair for all students at the school in which her LYFE site is located! On March 18, 2016, Ms. Pratt and the LYFE student parents at the site, hosted their first annual “Health and Wellness Fair” at Independence High School. There were a variety of external community-based partners who facilitated workshops on topics, such as HIV, Asthma, Substance & Alcohol Abuse, Sex, Physical Education, Mental Health, CPR, Fire Safety, The Art of Dating: Healthy Relationships, and “I Matter.” In addition to testing and screenings provided by Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center, FDNY, and Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, there were several other organizations who tabled and presented at the fair. This collaboration truly exemplifies LYFE’s commitment to ensuring a supportive environment that addresses the needs of LYFE families.