December 2017


LYFE teacher Nina Berman was chosen as LYFE’s nominee for the Big Apple Award! Nina exemplifies successful growth within the LYFE Program. Beginning as an educational paraprofessional, Nina worked hard and committed herself to her educational and career goals, eventually becoming a LYFE Teacher. Nina’s journey has been quite beneficial to the children, student parents, and the school community. She goes beyond her professional obligation to ensure student parents in the LYFE Program have the tools needed to be successful. She implements multiple family engagement experiences during the school year, engages in collaborations with the school community to support student parents, and outreaches to community-based organizations to support the Department of Education’s youngest learners and their families. Nina’s efforts have resulted in family success! LYFE applauds Nina’s high achievements and thanks her for her outstanding work! Congratulations Nina! 

LYFE social worker Jennifer Schwam was selected by the New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers to receive the Mid-Career Social Work Leader Award! Ms. Schwam was chosen for her dedicated career as a social worker. Detailing all of Ms. Schwam’s accomplishments in her successful career as a social worker, including joining the LYFE Program in 2016, she was honored at the 11th Annual Leadership Award Dinner in the presence of over 200 guests!  Ms. Schwam shared that the experience was amazing and she ensured that information about the LYFE Program was shared within the event’s program for the evening! LYFE congratulates Ms.Schwam on receiving such an honorable award!