What We Do

LYFE is a NYC Department of Education program that provides free early childhood education to children of student parents. LYFE makes it possible for student parents to stay on track toward graduating from high school or completing their high school equivalency while parenting. In addition, LYFE supports student parents' transition into parenthood by providing high-quality early childhood education, supportive counseling, academic guidance and advocacy services.

  • LYFE has the capacity to serve over 600 children between 6 weeks to 4 years old (who are not age-eligible for Pre-K for All).
  • Across the 5 boroughs, LYFE has over 30 sites.
  • More than 700 families are positively impacted by LYFE each school year.
  • On average, over 100 LYFE student parents receive their high school diploma or complete their high school equivalency each school year and go on to pursue college.

Our Mission:

The mission of the LYFE Program is to foster a generational impact which positively influences the life outcomes of student parents and their children by providing high-quality early childhood education, academic guidance, and social advocacy.

Our Vision:

The LYFE program will serve as a national model for providing dynamic and innovative support services to young families in academic settings. Every student parent in the LYFE program will graduate fully prepared to pursue college/career opportunities and empowered to sustain a healthy family. Every child in the LYFE program will receive a high-quality early childhood education and achieve optimal growth and development effectively preparing them to succeed in the next phase of their educational journey. As a result, the life and learning outcomes of every LYFE family will be positively impacted.

Our Core Values:

  • High Standards: We believe that all of our students – both student parents and their children – are capable of achieving the highest measures of success, both academically and social-emotionally, while simultaneously maintaining a healthy, high-functioning family. We hold ourselves accountable for our students’ success.
  • Strengths-Based Programming: We deliver high-quality early childhood instruction to the children of student parents and provide academic/social-emotional supports to student parents, each of which is driven by our students’ strengths, individual goals, and needs.
  • Planning for Success: We actively plan with and for our students to ensure they achieve their goals and developmentally appropriate milestones. This includes planning for successful transitions, including post-secondary life plans for student parents and high-quality early childhood education for their children.
  • A Supportive Environment: We provide a welcoming, safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all of our students, and we collaborate with one another, within and beyond LYFE, to provide an environment where our students can reach their academic and personal goals.
  • Relentlessness: We are unwavering in our commitment to our students, and therefore, we work relentlessly with them to ensure they attain their goals by collaboratively removing barriers, considering all possible options, and empowering students with the necessary tools to achieve all that they desire.