Meet Our Team

Message from LYFE Principal, Dr. Kara H. Ahmed

Our program’s relentless attitude to empower, support and advocate for our student parents and their children ensures the generational impact LYFE has on young families. The LYFE team, consisting of 200 plus staff members, is committed to guaranteeing student parents, both mothers and fathers, graduate from high school, are college/career ready, and are effectively transitioning into parenthood. Simultaneously, LYFE is also committed to providing children of student parents with a high-quality early childhood education, setting a foundation for continued academic and social/emotional progress and success.

Our website is an opportunity to share LYFE’s mission and vision with you. Whether you are a student parent or looking to refer a student to LYFE, please use our website to access enrollment and participation information, as well as additional online resources.

Let LYFE inspire you . . .

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Assistant Principals

LYFE Assistant Principals serve as team leaders for LYFE sites in each borough. They ensure LYFE delivers the highest quality of early childhood education and student support, as well as help lead the day-to-day needs of the program.

  • Wilhelmine Herard-James
  • Mirva JeanPharuns
  • James Williams

Central Team

LYFE has a strong administrative support team that helps to support the entire LYFE program staff in carrying out the mission of the program and daily operations.

  • Nyesha Greene, Engagement and Partnership Manager
  • Jasmine Scott, Operations and Procurement Manager
  • Chandra Flemming, Operations Specialist
  • Roy Reyes, Data and Technology Specialist
  • Cheryl DeAbreu, Payroll Secretary
  • Susan Stephen, Payroll Secretary

LYFE Site Teams

Each LYFE classroom team has a certified teacher, licensed social worker, and highly-trained educational paraprofessionals and family worker. These teams are the face of the LYFE program and are the people you can expect to see providing early childhood education to LYFE children and social advocacy and academic guidance for our student parents when you visit a LYFE site.