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January 2017


Great work is done daily by LYFE staff on behalf of LYFE families. While most of it happens in the classroom, lots also happen outside of it. LYFE acknowledges the hard work and contributions made by LYFE staff –

Ann Topper, LYFE Educational Paraprofessional at Julia Richman, refuses  to keep a little known resource to herself. Ann has been sharing information about the  Public Service Loan Forgiveness Federal Aide Program (PSLF), a student loan forgiveness program for individuals who work for a qualifying employer. Ann, who never leaves home without a PBLF application, distributes information to LYFE families, LYFE staff, and any one in need of loan forgiveness support. There is no stopping  Ann! Thanks to Ann’s collaborative spirit, students within and outside of the LYFE program, parents/guardians, colleagues, and countless others have gaininsight to a resource that will open the door to obtaining their post secondary degree. Anna, LYFE commends you for being an Effective School Leader/Collaborative Teacher!

Jodi Kaltner, LYFE Social Worker and Georgette Lopez-Rosario, LYFE Teacher at Jane Addams HS, coordinated an escorted trip to COOP Tech for two potential LYFE student parents on January 27th. During the scheduled tour the student father and student mother had an opportunity to visit the Building Maintenance, Cosmetology and Graphic Design programs. “Spending a day at COOP Tech gotus thinking about our future” shared the student parents. Jodi and Georgette, what an awesome way to enhance the students’ ability to identify potential careers goals and exemplifying Planning for Success!

 Susan Farrell-Laplant, LYFE social worker at DeWitt Clinton HS played a vital role in helping  a LYFE grandparent find employment at Bronxwood Home Health Care Agency. The LYFE grandparent, who recently immigrated to New York from Honduras, informed Susan that she had recently received her working papers in December. Finding it difficult to find employment, Susan and the Grandparent searched online and discovered Bronxwood Home Health Care Agency was in the process of training and hiring individuals for Home Health Aid services. Susan contacted the recruitment manager and obtained an interview date for the LYFEgrandparent. The recruitment manager was so impressed by Susan’s advocacy, that Susan was given the honor to share the happy news of the interview appointment via a conference call with the LYFE grandparent and recruitment manager! A few weeks later, theLYFE grandparent was hired by the Bronxwood Home Health Care Agency and since then has moved her family into a larger apartment.  Susan, in regards to supporting families and removing all barriers, we salute you for your Relentlessness!