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Take a look at what happened at LYFE in June:

Superintendent Recognition Ceremony

District 79 recognized staff and students from each program for their success in SY 15-16.

LYFE Award Winners:

  • Sherell Parker-Marks, Rookie of the Year
  • Susana Tlapanco, Excellence Award recipient
  • Nathalie Lobo, Workforce Achievement Award recipient
  • Joely Aybar, Leadership Award recipient
  • Stephanie Lahens, Spirit Award recipients
  • Natalia Cortes, Advancement Award recipients

Chancellor’s Conference Day 2016

On June 9th, LYFE staff from all 34 sites came together for PD. Staff were treated to a BBQ hosted by the LYFE Central Office team.

Father’s Day 

LYFE celebrated Father’s day in acknowledgement of fathers’ successes and contributions to their children.