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A Celebration of LYFE Instructional Teams!

Last month LYFE celebrated both National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5th through May 9th, followed by  National Educational Paraprofessionals Day on May 14th. To acknowledge the great work of our Teachers and Educational Paraprofessional our staff joined together with LYFE student parents to show appreciation for our awesome instructional teams. Teachers and Educational Paraprofessionals received heartwarming messages of thanks and tokens of appreciation from student parents.

The poem below, written by a student parent for the LYFE team at Beach Channel, perfectly describes the impact LYFE’s Teachers and Paraprofessionals have on creating a supportive environment for families.

 My caregiver is wonderful in many ways

She takes care and loves me every day.

I learn so much from her while my mom’s in school

Playing and having fun is her biggest rule.

She documents and plans for each day I’m here

She can make me laugh or she can wipe a tear.

Every day we do things to help me grow

Always expanded on what I know.

And when my mom comes at the end of the day

She knows I was cared for in every way!

Check out the photos below highlighting celebrations for LYFE Teachers and Educational Paraprofressionals at the following LYFE sites: Springfield Gardens Educational Complex, Beach Channel Educational Campus, Jane Addams High School for Academic and Careers, Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus, William Howard Taft Educational Campus, Far Rockaway Educational Campus, Hillcrest High School, Harlem Renaissance High School, High School for Environmental Studies and Morris Educational Campus.


Ed Paras

We appreciate our Teachers and Educational Paraprofessionals and are proud of the quality of childcare and early childhood instruction they provide to children everyday and the support they provide to families.