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LYFE Student Parent at Port Richmond High School Passes Her Regents for June 2014 Graduation!

We are excited to share a great student parent success story with you! As a program we believe that with relentlessness and a plan for success, every student parent can graduate from high school prepared to pursue college/career.  LYFE student parent, Jasmin Reyes has embodied these LYFE core values and we hope you will be inspired by her educational journey.

Jasmin Reyes started with LYFE in May 2008 when her son Damian was 2 months old. Though nervous at first about leaving him, Jasmin reported that over time, the LYFE Center became like a second home to her and her son. She developed a deep bond with his caregivers, Nagwa and later, Colleen, and even appreciated her social worker Ms. Hirschmann’s repeated phones calls when she was absent or late to school.  Jasmin also really enjoyed the parenting groups and the opportunity to get to know other student parents.

When Damian aged out of the LYFE program, LYFE helped Jasmin obtain childcare at a local Head Start program.  When Jasmin learned that she was pregnant again, she knew how important it was to reenroll in the LYFE program.  She met with Ms. Hirschmann during her pregnancy. Ms. Hirchmann was able to arrange for Jasmin to receive childcare for Joshua when he was born.   In addition, LYFE teacher, Ms. Murphy and the LYFE staff made the necessary scheduling accommodations in the LYFE classroom to ensure that Jasmin could attend school later in the day to obtain all of her credits. Jasmin returned to LYFE because she knew that she needed the support of the program – the child care and the emotional support of the team to finish her high school education.

It has not been easy for Jasmin – parenting and being a full-time student.  Right before the Winter break in December 2013, Jasmin came to Ms. Hirschmann and her guidance counselor, Ms. Fletcher in tears and shared that she was ready to drop out.  She wasn’t sure that she would pass all of her classes before turning 21 and aging out of the NYC Department of Education.  With the staff’s support, she decided to stick it out and has since passed her remaining Regent exams in January 2014!

Jasmin is grateful for the entire LYFE team and asserts that, “without them I never could have done it.”

After Jasmin completes her high school education, Jasmin plans to focus more on parenting and enjoying her children while also exploring her next steps for college and career. We are proud to be a part of Jasmin’s success and journey and look forward to seeing how far she will go.

IMG_0371 (2)

“Jasmin enjoying lunch with her children Damian and Joshua in the LYFE classroom”